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Abstract #4385

Current-Line Solution for Understanding and Predicting B1 / B1+ Behavior and Investigating Central Focusing

Gianluigi Tiberi1, Mauro Costagli1, Riccardo Stara, 12, James Tropp3, Michela Tosetti, 14

1Fondazione Imago7, Pisa, PI, Italy; 2Univerisity of Pisa, Pisa, PI, Italy; 3GE Healthcare Technologies, Fremont, CA, United States; 4Stella Maris Scientific Institute, Pisa, Pi, Italy

We introduce a novel analytical approach based on the theory of cylindrical waves radiated by a filament of a-c current. The approach permits to calculate B1/ B1+ inside volume resonators loaded with cylinders. Moreover, it permits to separate the solution to single line source problem (primordial solution) and the composite one (the tions of primordial solutions accordingly to the resonator driving). This feature is of fundamental importance, because only by looking at single line solution it is possible to have insight into central focusing, investigating and discriminating among phenomena of dielectric resonance, standing wave and multi-source interference.