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Abstract #4393

A 12-Channel Dorsal Receive-Only Body Array for 7 Tesla.

Ria Pradhan1, Andreas K. Bitz1, Stefan Maderwald1, Oliver Kraff1, Mark E. Ladd1, Stephan Orzada1

1The Erwin L. Hahn Institute for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Universitt Duisburg - Essen, Essen, Nord Rhein Westfalen, Germany

A 12-channel dorsal receive-only array was built for use with an 8-channel transmit/ receive coil. The 12 elements were geometrically decoupled. The array was evaluated through measurements with a vegetable oil phantom and a volunteer. The g-factor was calculated from the SNR of the images using the pseudo multiple replica method. Maps of the g-factor using only the 8-channel transmit/ receive body coil were compared to those obtained using both the 8-channel coil and the 12-channel array. As expected, the parallel imaging capability was enhanced by the 12-channel array.