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Abstract #4431

Efficient Method to Evaluate the Heating Risk of Coils

Lin Liu1, Liang Xuan2, Qiong Zhang3

1MR, GE Company, Beijing, China; 2MR, GE company, Waukesha, WI, United States; 3MR, GE company, Beijing, China

Safety requirements, has been as MRI system first and foremost of indicators. In direct contact with patients or volunteers parts, the coil is undoubtedly the most in need of extra attention. Thermal test is one of the important coil integrated tests and coil security evaluation. In order to effectively assess the performance of the coil, engineers usually use worse clinical protocol scanning coils up to 2.5 hours; and during the entire testing process, the highest coil surface temperature should not be higher than 41 degrees. To save test time , evaluate and avoid damage caused by overheating of the coil in the testing process, we have designed a new method that is based on using the 1st one hour measured data for fitting and extrapolation, thus, the whole test can be shorten to only one hour, and also the risk of damaging coil is reduced. Validation against 44coils with 52 modes using two scanners has proved that this method can effectively assess coil characteristics and reduce overheating risk.