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Abstract #4445

A Fast Reduced TE 4D Spiral PC MRI Sequence for Assessment of Flow and Hemodynamics

Mo Kadbi1, M.J. Negahdar1, Melanie S. Traughber2, Peter Martin2, Amir A. Amini1

1Elect. and Comp. Eng., University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, United States; 2Philips healthcare, Cleveland, OH, United States

A 4-D flow MRI has been investigated to quantify carotid artery hemodynamics and to visualize the temoral motion of fluid particles in detail . In addition to comprehensive anatomical and flow information in both in-plane and through-plane directions, 4D flow imaging results in shorter total scan time compared to 3-D flow imaging Conventional 4D PC-MRI based on the Cartesian trajectory results in a very long scan. Herein, a 4D spiral PC MRI technique was designed to reduce the scan time compared to conventional technique. 4D spiral PC MRI has the added advantage of reducing the phase error and signal loss due to long TE.