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Abstract #4563

How Different Data Acquisition Techniques Impact to the Selected Curve Fitting Models and the Cardiac T2* Measurements

Suwit Saekho1, 2, Uten Yarach

1Radiological Technology, Chiang Mai university, Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand; 2Biomedical Engineering Center, Chiang Mai university, Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Free breathing technique for Cardiac T2* measurements could be a useful technique in non-cooperative patients. No study guarantees that this technique will provide the same results as that of the standard breath-hold. We compared the 2 techniques in 2 different fitting models, Simple Mono Exponential (SME) and Offset models. The study was done with 14 normal, and 54 Thalassemia volunteers. The results showed that Offset model exhibited 3 false positives with breath-hold technique in normal group. However in term of clinical applications, both data acquisition techniques and fitting models can separate iron overload to the non iron overload groups equally.