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Abstract #0585

Distinct BOLD laminar profiles elicited by retino-cortical and inter-hemispheric sources in human early visual cortex

Alessio Fracasso 1 , Natalia Petridou 2 , and Serge O Dumoulin 1

1 Experimental Psychology, Helmholtz Institute, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2 Radiology, Imaging Division, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

A goal of laminar imaging is to infer the origin of signals by functional laminar profiles. We used a visual paradigm that increases responses in the contralateral hemisphere driven by retino-cortical sources and decreases responses in the ipsilateral hemisphere driven by inter-hemispheric sources. GE-BOLD data were acquired at 0.55 3 mm resolution. Laminar profiles were sorted according to linear trend strength towards the pial surface. Profiles showing a weak linear trend revealed a peak or dip at the middle layers when driven by retino-cortical or inter-hemispheric sources respectively. These profiles demonstrate the ability of laminar imaging to infer the origin of signals.

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