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Abstract #0631

Probing Internal-Gradient-Distribution-Tensors (IGDT) by Non-Uniform Oscillating-Gradient Spin-Echo (NOGSE) MRI: A New Approach to Map Orientations in Biological Tissues

Noam Shemesh 1 , Gonzalo A Alvarez 1 , and Lucio Frydman 1

1 Chemical Physics, Faculty of Chemistry, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

DTI, STI and T2* are powerful methods for mapping orientations, yet they demand either diffusion path lengths that fully probe confining boundaries or the rotation of specimens about B0. Han et al recently proposed the internal-gradient-distribution-tensor (IGDT) as a novel source of orientational contrast. Here we develop a new, fully-refocused approach based on Non-uniform Oscillating-Gradient Spin-Echo (NOGSE) MRI for selectively probing these IGDT whilst keeping all other sources of decoherence including diffusion, T2, pulse/timing/gradient imperfections and T1 constant. The approach is explained, and experiments in spinal cord segments reveal the possibility of using it for mapping WM orientations noninvasively.

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