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Abstract #2012

Seemingly Inconsistency between Damaged White Matter Structure and Increased Functional Connectivity in Cingulum: Initial Response of Brain Plasticity to Trauma

Armin Iraji 1 , Hamid Soltanian-Zadeh 2 , Randall Benson 1 , E. Mark Haacke 1 , and Zhifeng Kou 3

1 Wayne State University, DETROIT, MI, United States, 2 University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran, 3 Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, United States

Detection of the neuropathological or physiological substrates may hold the best opportunity to improve the diagnosis and proactive treatment of mTBI patients. Functional and structural connectivities can be a good index to investigate the effect of brain injury. The posterior cingulate cortex is renowned as the brains central hub, which integrates and relays the information; therefore, it involves many brain functional networks and regulates their activation based on information that it gathers from the entire central nervous system (CNS). We examine the change in the PCC connectivity using both resting state fMRI and probabilistic diffusion tractography.

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