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Abstract #4510

Visualizing complex white matter anatomy in the live monkey at 3T using super-resolution track density imaging

Louise Emsell 1,2 , Thijs Dhollander 2 , Koen Nelissen 3 , Ronald Peters 1,2 , Wim Vanduffel 3 , and Stefan Sunaert 1,2

1 Translational MRI, Imaging & Pathology, KU Leuven & Radiology, University Hospitas Leuvenl, Leuven, Belgium, 2 Medical Imaging Research Center, Leuven, Belgium, 3 Laboratorium voor Neuro-en Psychofysiologie, KU Leuven Medical School, Leuven, Belgium

Visualising white matter anatomy in vivo at submilimetre resolution using diffusion MRI is challenging without access to high-field and strong gradient systems. Short-tracks TDI (stTDI) is a post-processing technique that allows super-resolution visualization beyond the resolution of acquired data. In this pilot study we used stTDI to enhance anatomical contrast in 3T monkey data from 1.0mm3 to 0.25mm3 allowing the identification of structures not visible on the 1.0mm3 colour FA maps (e.g. stria medullaris, pre- and post-commissural fornix, decussation of the superior cerebellar peduncles). Reliability was assessed using bootstrapping to model the effect of noise in the stTDI maps

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