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Abstract #4844

A whole body conduction cooled MRI magnet design for ultra-high field strength of 7T

Michael Martens 1 , Tanvir Baig 1 , Zhen Yao 1 , Charles Poole 1 , Robert Deissler 1 , Robert Brown 1 , David Doll 2 , and Michael Tomsic 2

1 Department of Physics, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, United States, 2 Hyper Tech Research Inc., Columbus, Ohio, United States

A 7T conduction-cooled MRI whole-body magnet design using Nb3Sn superconductor is found for a current density of 179.95 A/mm2, a maximum peak field on a bundle of 11.59T, and operating at 8K. The high current density on wire allowed by the larger peak field helps to reduce the superconductor volume in comparison with high field NbTi magnet designs. Although the present manufacturing cost of Nb3Sn is higher than NbTi, the wire volume reduction and the 99% decrease in liquid helium usage may make Nb3Sn conduction cooled magnets a viable alternative for ultra-high field magnet systems.

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