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Experimental Investigations on Gradient Coil Induced Magnet Heating in MRI System

Longzhi Jiang 1 , Yihe Hua 2 , Liya Ma 3 , Sung Moon 1 , Jun Li 2 , Kishore Mogatadakala 1 , and Tim Havens 1

1 Global MRI, GE Healthcare, Florence, SC, United States, 2 GE Global Research, Shanghai, China, 3 GE Healthcare, Beijing, China

The dynamic coupling between gradient coil and magnet has generated image quality issues at low frequencies and limited operational duty cycle at medium and high frequencies due to induced magnet Joule heating. With the combined demand for high patient through-put and high performance gradient coils in high field MRI systems, numerous researchers have attempted to develop both improved simulation capability and experimental apparatus to understand the Joule heating induced helium boil-off. However, to the authors best knowledge, the effects of dynamic coupling induced Joule heating is not yet fully understood. In this study, a novel experimental apparatus was devised to understand gradient coil induced magnet heating under different gradient coil mounting conditions. The apparatus included a whole body magnet with hermetically sealed cooling system having very limited helium volume and a gradient coil with minimum interaction. This paper demonstrates consistent correlation between the full mechanical-electro-magnetic coupling model and the experimental results. Furthermore, 100% operational duty cycle has been achieved for clinical protocols.

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