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Abstract #1017

Movement Monitoring for MRI via Measurement of Changes in the Gradient Induced EMF in Coil Arrays

E. H. Bhuiyan 1 , M. E. H. Chowdhury 1 , P. M. Glover 1 , and R. Bowtell 1

1 SPMIC, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Here we describe an initial evaluation of a new approach for monitoring head motion, which involves measuring the pattern of voltage amplitudes induced in an array of small coils by the time-varying magnetic field gradients of the MR scanner. We have constructed a rig carrying five small coils, which can undergo controlled translations (in x, y and z) and rotations (about the x- and y-axes) inside the scanner, and have measured the changes in the voltages induced in these coils by time-varying x-,y- and z-gradients as the rig position changes, comparing the results with simulations.

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