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Abstract #1457

19 F/ 1 H MR Molecular Imaging Following Anti-angiogenic Therapy in a Translatable Preclinical Asthma Model

Anne Schmieder 1 , Jochen Keupp 2 , Huiying Zhang 1 , Todd Williams 1 , John Stacy Allen 1 , Xiaoxia Yang 1 , Erik Storrs 1 , Krishna Paranandi 1 , Elizabeth Wagner 3 , and Gregory Lanza 1

1 Washington University Medical School, St Louis, MO, United States, 2 Philips Research Europe, Hamburg, Germany, 3 Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, United States

A progressive approach to asthma therapy may be to target bronchial angiogenesis in an attempt to improve pulmonary function. We have recently used high resolution, dual 19F/1H MR molecular imaging (3T) for quantifying angiogenesis in rat asthma model. Expanding on this, we used this method to noninvasively quantify the early effect of targeted antiangiogenic therapy on pulmonary neovascularization in asthma. We observed greatly diminished 19F lung signal after treatment with novel prodrug micelles, reflective of a decrease in neovascularization. This is a clinically translatable approach for noninvasive evaluation and optimization of antiangiogenic therapy in chronic airway inflammation.

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