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Abstract #1670

Single-Shot Multi-slice T1 Mapping at High Spatial Resolution Inversion-Recovery FLASH with Radial Undersampling and Iterative Reconstruction

Xiaoqing Wang 1 , Volkert Roeloffs 1 , Klaus-Dietmar Merboldt 1 , Dirk Voit 1 , Sebastian Schaetz 1 , and Jens Frahm 1

1 Biomedizinische NMR Forschungs GmbH am Max-Planck-Institut fuer biophysikalische Chemie, Gttingen, Germany

Low spatial resolution and long acquisition time have been the two major limitations for T1 mappings routine application in clinical MRI. Recently several image space and k-space based reconstruction methods have been proposed to estimate T1 maps from undersampled data, however, most of them dealing with single-shot single-slice T1 mapping. In this work, a single-shot sequential multi-slice acquisition scheme together with a new relaxation model is proposed. After combining it with radial undersampling and iterative reconstruction, our method facilitates accurate, high-resolution multi-slice T1 mapping.

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