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Abstract #1842

Low Eddy Current RF Shield Design for MR System

Saikat Saha 1

1 GE Healthcare, Waukesha, WI, United States

Todays powerful gradient coils produce large eddy currents in the RF shield, resulting in significant heating. The magnitude and location of the eddy currents depend on scan duration and gradients used. Stressful EPI and/or Spiral scans can deposit as much as 1000-1500W of power in the shield and do so non-uniformly. This non-uniform heating is deleterious for the performance of thermally sensitive PET detectors in a simultaneous whole body PET/MR system. To address this problem we present here a novel integrated RF coil and shield which not only provides excellent MR IQ but also provide a cooler, more stable thermal environment for the PET detectors.

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