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Rapid segmentation of the cervical spinal cord on 3D MRI data with cord image analyzer (cordial): application to three-year follow-up data of MS patients with a progressive disease course

Michael Amann 1 , Simon Pezold 2 , Yvonne Naegelin 3 , Ketut Fundana 2 , Michaela Andelova 3 , Katrin Weier 3 , Christoph Stippich 4 , Ludwig Kappos 3 , Philippe Cattin 2 , and Till Sprenger 1

1 Neurology/Neuroradiology, University Hospital Basel, Basel, BS, Switzerland, 2 Medical Image Analysis Center (MIAC), University of Basel, Basel, BS, Switzerland, 3 Neurology, University Hospital Basel, Basel, BS, Switzerland, 4 Neuroradiology, University Hospital Basel, Basel, BS, Switzerland

The "cord image analyzer (cordial)" pre-segments the spinal cord (SC) based on the continuous max-flow-approach, combined with a cross-sectional similarity prior. The SC surface is reconstructed by locating SC boundary based on image intensities. The cervical SC volume (CSCV) is defined by cutting planes perpendicular to the SC centerline. Reliability of cordial was assessed on controls with coefficients-of-variation of less than 1%. Applicability to clinical data was tested on a cohort of 48 MS patients. Multiple regression analysis revealed significant relation between CSCV loss and EDSS change.

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