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Abstract #2724

Intra-scan and inter-scan reproducibility and variability of left ventricular 4D flow kinetic energy values in healthy volunteers.

Victoria Stoll 1 , Aaron Hess 1 , Malenka Bissell 2 , Jonatan Eriksson 3 , Petter Dyverfeldt 3 , Andrew Lewis 2 , Tino Ebbers 3 , Saul Myerson 2 , Carl-Johan Carlhll 3 , and Stefen Neubauer 2

1 Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, OCMR, Oxford, United Kingdom, 2 OCMR, Oxford, United Kingdom, 3 Division of Cardiovascular Medicine and Center for Medical Imaging Science and Visualization (CMIV), Linkping University, Linkping, Sweden

Left ventricular failure results in inefficient intra-cardiac blood flow; 4D flow imaging visualises this blood flow and allows calculation of the kinetic energy (KE) of the blood. 15 healthy volunteers were scanned twice to assess the reproducibility and variability of the KE values of the intra-cardiac blood flow components within the healthy heart, in order to understand the changes in diseased states. The end diastolic KE values were reproducible with no significant physiological variability over time. Calculation of the end diastolic KE values of the different left ventricular flow components is a robust technique, with good intra and inter-scan reproducibility.

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