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Abstract #2907

Anomalous diffusion stretched exponential -imaging model provides new information on spinal cord microstructure

Alessandra Caporale 1,2 , Marco Palombo 2,3 , and Silvia Capuani 2,4

1 Physics Department, University 'Sapienza', Rome, ITALY, Italy, 2 Physics Department, CNR-IPCF Roma Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, ITALY, Italy, 3 CEA/DSV/12BM/MIRCen, Fontenay-aux-Roses, FRANCE, France, 4 Center for Life NanoScience@LaSapienza,Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Rome, ITALY, Italy

Anomalous diffusion (AD) stretched-exponential lower case Greek gamma -imaging model, was applied to investigate a fixed mouse spinal cord by using gradient strength varying PGSTE sequence at 9.4T. To highlight the new additional information provided by AD approach, we compared AD images with results obtained by using conventional DTI, relaxometry and histological data. Mean lower case Greek gamma (M lower case Greek gamma ), lower case Greek gamma -anisotropy (A lower case Greek gamma ), lower case Greek gamma par and lower case Greek gamma ortho are able to detect microstructural information of white matter (WM) in spinal cord more specific and complementary to those provided by DTI. Specifically, the correlation between A lower case Greek gamma and myelin fraction is in agreement with the anisotropic rearrangement of myelin along WM fibers.

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