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Abstract #3207

Laminar variation of population receptive field center-surround properties in human primary visual cortex revealed by 7T fMRI

Alessio Fracasso 1 , Serge O Dumoulin 1 , and Natalia Petridou 2

1 Experimental Psychology, Helmholtz institute, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2 Radiology, Imaging Division, University Medical Center, Utrecht, Netherlands

Receptive field (RF) properties change across visual hierarchy. A similar hierarchy exists across cortical lamina in primary visual cortex (V1) but little is known about its organization. We acquired functional T2*-w 3-dimensional EPI (3D-EPI) at 7T. We performed lamina segmentation on 3D-EPI space. A forward modeling approach (population receptive field, pRF) was adopted to estimate pRF properties across lamina, in humans. pRF center and surround varies according to a U-shaped function across cortical thickness with a constant balance. These results extend the variation of pRF properties across visual field maps hierarchy to a laminar hierarchy within a single map.

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