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Abstract #3291

Further Study of the Effects of a Time-Varying Gradient Fields on Phase Maps Theory and Experiments

Jiasheng Su 1 , Bingwen Zheng 2 , Sam Fong Yau Li 2 , and Shao Ying Huang 1

1 Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore, Singapore, 2 Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore, Singapore

The method of retrieving conductivities of human tissues through eddy currents induced by pulsed field gradient was proposed and has been studied intensively. In this abstract, an optimized electromagnetic (EM) model is proposed to study the relation among encoding gradient fields, the induced eddy currents, and the resultant phase difference that was used for the retrieval of conductivity. It is further applied to study the relationship of the gradient fields, the pulse sequence, and the resultant phase difference. Besides the discharging process when the gradient field is a constant that was identified previously, another crucial discharging process to generate phase difference is identified. This discharging process offset the phase difference generated by that when gradient field is constant. It is terminated when an RF pulse is applied. This process is critical for obtaining meaningful phase maps for the retrievals of conductivity. Both theoretical and experimental results are presented.

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