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Abstract #3595

Quantification of local blood oxygen saturation by MRI to distinguish ischemic core from penumbra in experimental stroke

Ligia SIMOES BRAGA BOISSERAND 1,2 , Benjamin LEMASSON 1 , Lydiane HIRSCHLER 1,2 , Violaine HUBERT 1 , Anack MOISAN 1 , Emmanuel BARBIER 1,2 , Chantal REMY 1,2 , and Olivier DETANTE 1,2

1 Inserm U836, Grenoble, -, France, 2 Universit Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, -, France

In acute stroke, to discriminate non-salvageable (ischemic core) from salvageable (penumbra) tissue remains an important goal. Diffusion-MRI hypersignal (severe decrease of apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC)) overestimate the core, and perfusion-MRI only provides qualitative data still debated. Thus, we studied hemodynamic and oxygenation changes during cerebral ischemia using blood oxygen level-dependent (BOLD) MRI with a quantitative approach (ADC; Blood Volume fraction, BVf; local Oxygen Saturation, lSO2).

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