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Abstract #0098

Perfusion map derived from resting state fMRI

Yunjie Tong1, Kimberly P Lindsey1, Lia M Hocke2, Gordana Vitaliano1, Dionyssios Mintzopoulos1, and Blaise B Frederick1

1McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Belmont, MA, United States, 2Hotchkiss Brain Institute, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada

Previously, we have demonstrated that we can extract systemic low frequency oscillation (sLFO) from resting state (RS) fMRI data and map its dynamic patterns as it moves through the brain. We have hypothesized that the dynamic patterns represent the cerebral blood flow. In this study, we tested this hypothesis by conducting both Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast scan (bolus tracking) and RS fMRI scan in health subjects. By comparing the flow patterns of the bolus with that of sLFO, we found that the flow of sLFO does represent the blood flow, however, mostly in the capillaries and veins.

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