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Abstract #0360

Comparing Magnitude versus Complex Data Fitting in Liver R2* Relaxometry

Arthur Peter Wunderlich1,2, Stefan Andreas Schmidt1, Meinrad Beer1, Armin Michael Nagel1,2, and Holger Cario3

1Clinic for Diagnsotic and Interventional Radiology, Ulm University, Medical Center, Ulm, Germany, 2Section for Experimental Radiology, Ulm University, Medical Center, Ulm, Germany, 3Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Ulm University, Medical Center, Ulm, Germany

Relaxometry of patient data was performed comparing the use of magnitude versus complex data. 94 patients suspected for liver iron overload were scanned with mulit-contrast GRE-MRI at 1.5 T, involving multiple TE, TR and FA. Analysis was performed as conjoined fit incorporating effects of fat/water dephasing. One fit was based on magnitude images modeling noise as free fit parameter, the other on complex data. Magnitude fit yielded similar results, but showed superior convergence and lower result uncertainty compared to the approach involving complex data.

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