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Abstract #0632

Apparent diffusion coefficient correlates with gamma oscillation of local field potentials

Tomokazu Tsurugizawa1, Yoshifumi Abe1, and Denis Le Bihan1

1NeuroSpin, Bât 145, Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique-Saclay Center, 91191, France, Gif-sur-Yvette, France

BOLD fMRI which relies on neurovascular coupling may fail when neurovascular coupling is weakened, such as anesthesia or alcohol intoxication. In contrast, diffusion fMRI has been shown to be more directly linked to neuronal activation even in the absence of neurovascular coupling. We compared BOLD fMRI and diffusion fMRI (ADC) time-courses with local field potentials (LFPs) in rat nucleus accumbens following alcohol stimulation under two different doses of medetomidine anesthesia. The ADC responses were correlated with LFP signals while BOLD signals were not. These results show the interest of diffusion fMRI to avoid confounds from varying conditions of neurovascular coupling.

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