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Spiral Acquisition for High-Speed Anatomical Imaging at 7T

Lars Kasper1,2, Christoph Barmet1,3, Maria Engel1, Maximilian Haeberlin1, Bertram J Wilm1, Benjamin E Dietrich1, Thomas Schmid1, David O Brunner1, Klaas E Stephan2,4,5, and Klaas P Pruessmann1

1Institute for Biomedical Engineering, University of Zurich and ETH Zurich, Zuerich, Switzerland, 2Translational Neuromodeling Unit, IBT, University of Zurich and ETH Zurich, Zuerich, Switzerland, 3Skope Magnetic Resonance Technologies, Zurich, Switzerland, 4Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, University College London, London, United Kingdom, 5Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research, Cologne, Germany

We present whole-brain, high-resolution (0.5mm) spiral imaging with proton-density and T2* contrast at 7T in less than a minute. Owing to a comprehensive characterization of the imaging process, artifact-free image reconstruction from long-readout spiral shots (20 ms) becomes feasible via an iterative SENSE algorithm. In particular, trajectory imperfections as well as dynamic off-resonance changes are captured via concurrent field monitoring, while static off-resonance as well as coil sensitivities are mapped in a multi-echo reference scan and augment image reconstruction. The resulting images exhibit the same geometric fidelity as spin-warp images at a fraction of the total acquisition duration.

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