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Abstract #1355

Mapping of brain tumor oxygen metabolism in native MRI

Patrick Borchert1, Lasse Dührsen2, Div S. Bolar3, Nils-Ole Schmidt2, Jan-Hendrik Buhk1, Jens Fiehler1, and Jan Sedlacik1

1Neuroradiology, UKE, Hamburg, Germany, 2Neurosurgery, UKE, Hamburg, Germany, 3Martinos Center, MGH, Boston, MA, United States

The QUIXOTIC method was tested in conjunction with ASL to map tumor oxygen metabolism in glioma patients. A higher oxygen extraction fraction was found for low grade gliomas, whereas lower cerebral blood flow was found for high grade gliomas. Both parameters were stable in healthy gray matter. These findings suggest, that the QUIXOTIC method is able to map tumor oxygen metabolism in conjunction with ASL. Furthermore, these findings may suggest, that low grade gliomas may maintain a more aerobic metabolism than high grade gliomas and that the uncontrolled tumor angiogenesis of high grade gliomas may cause hindered tumor perfusion.

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