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Abstract #2110

On-Demand Dynamic Updating of the Temporal Resolution of Interleaved PRFS and T2 Temperature Mapping Methods for MR-HIFU

Steven Engler1,2, Charles Mougenot3, Jochen Keupp4, Steffen Weiss4, Edwin Heijman5, and Samuel Pichardo1,6

1Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada, 2Lakehead University, Computer Science, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada, 3Philips Healthcare, Toronto, ON, Canada, 4Philips Research, Hamburg, Germany, 5Philips Research, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 6Lakehead University, Electrical Engineering, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

Temperature changes can be assessed in non-adipose tissue using proton resonance frequency shift MR-thermometry methods based on gradient-echo sequences, and in adipose tissue using apparent T2-mapping MR-thermometry methods based on multi-echo fast spin-echo sequences. It has been previously demonstrated that these sequences can be interleaved to simultaneously monitor temperature in all tissues. In this study we show the feasibility of controlling the sequence duty-cycle of the aforementioned interleaved scanning technique on-demand in order to dynamically change the temporal resolution of the two interleaved scans in response to actual temperature changes and the stage of the hyperthermia application.

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