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Abstract #2138

End-Loaded Dipole Array for 10.5T Head Imaging

Russell Luke Lagore1, Lance DelaBarre1, Jinfeng Tian1, Gregor Adriany1, Yigitcan Eryaman1, and J. Thomas Vaughan1

1Center for Magnetic Resonance Research, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, United States

The feasibility of human head imaging at 10.5T is demonstrated by the successful acquisition of in vivo porcine head images. This is achieved with an 8-element end-loaded dipole array resonant at 10.5T (447MHz). This dipole array is compared in terms of transmit efficiency and signal-to-noise ratio to a high-pass birdcage coil and loop array at 3T, 7T, and 10.5T. All coils share identical dimensions and element count. While both transmit arrays have comparable SNR performance at 7T, the dipole array is inferior in terms of transmit efficiency compared to the loop array and birdcage coil at all field strengths examined.

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