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Abstract #2156

Increasing transmit coil efficiency without local transmit coils: a novel device for locally concentrating B1

Tracy Wynn1, Olli Friman1, and Randy Duensing1

1Technology Architecture, Philips/Invivo, Gainesville, FL, United States

Bore size increases can contribute to decreased efficiency of transmit body coils, but modern protocols often increase the requirements for B1 power. This paper describes a novel solution for concentrating B1 power without the use of a traditional local transmit coil, based on the observation that roughly half of the transmit field from a traditional birdcage coil comes from the end rings. A dual-ring structure, modeled on a birdcage without rungs, was built and shown to enable head imaging with up to a 30% reduction in required RF input power. Uniformity was maintained.

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