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Abstract #2165

Simulation, measurement, and optimization of a microcoil design for MR Microscopy at 9.4 T

Mohammad Mohammadzadeh1,2 and Mohammad Mohammadi2

1ICT, University of Applied Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran, 2Nuclear Engineering, Shahid Beheshti, Tehran, Iran

MR micro coils provide high SNR images of the mass limited samples. To increase the coil sensitivity and then the image SNR, microcoils geometries are adapted to the sample dimension. However, differences between magnetic susceptibility of the coil conductor and its surrounding materials distorts the B0 magnetic fields homogeneity across the sample. In this study, we measured 2D maps of a solenoid of 1mm diameter and compared them with the simulated results at 9.4 T. Considering the good agreement of the computed and measured maps, effects of the shimming and susceptibility matching processes were assessed in removing the B0 fields inhomogeneities. Simulated results verify that shimming coils are not able to fully cancel the B0 field inhemogenities but embedding the micro coils in susceptible materials will remove the B0 inhomogeneity completely.

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