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Abstract #3103

Two-Dimensional Respiratory-Motion Characterization for Continuous MR Measurements Using Pilot Tone Navigation

Lea Schroeder1, Jens Wetzl1,2, Andreas Maier1,2, Robert Rehner3, Matthias Fenchel4, and Peter Speier4

1Pattern Recognition Lab, Department of Computer Science, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Erlangen, Germany, 2Erlangen Graduate School in Advanced Optical Technologies, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Erlangen, Germany, 3Magnetic Resonance, Research and Development, Hardware, Siemens Healthcare GmbH, Erlangen, Germany, 4Magnetic Resonance, Product Definition and Innovation, Siemens Healthcare GmbH, Erlangen, Germany

Pilot Tone signals, generated by a commercial signal generator and received with standard MR local coils, were analyzed for multidimensional respiratory information. The ground truth for respiratory motion in two orthogonal directions ($$$\boldsymbol{g}_{SI}$$$ and $$$\boldsymbol{g}_{AP}$$$), generated by sagittal image streams of the right liver dome using standard fluoroscopic sequences, showed excellent correlation with the PT signal derived from a separate measurement (for $$$\boldsymbol{g}_{SI}$$$: 0.90 $$$\pm$$$0.13; for $$$\boldsymbol{g}_{AP}$$$: 0.82 $$$\pm$$$0.21). Our results demonstrate that PT navigation can provide two-dimensional characterization of regular and irregular respiratory motion without interfering with the MR measurement.

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