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Abstract #0237

Cortical depth-dependent fMRI: heterogeneity across tasks, across participants, across days and along the cortical ribbon

Laurentius Huber 1, Daniel A Handwerker1, Andrew Hall1, David C Jangraw2, Javier Gonzalez-Castillo1, Maria Guidi3, Dimo Ivanov4, Benedikt A Poser4, and Peter A Bandettini1

1SFIM, NIMH, Bethesda, MD, United States, 2NIMH, United States, 3Max Planck Institute for human cognitive and Brain science, Leipzig, Germany, 4MBIC, Maastricht University, Netherlands

Measurements of depth-dependent cortical activity provide insights on directional activity between brain areas. While previous studies demonstrated the feasibility of human depth-dependent fMRI, the stability and reliability of depth-dependent results are less studied. In this work, we investigate sources of inconsistencies in depth-dependent activity profiles. We find that depth-dependent activity profiles are highly reproducible across different scanning sessions. They are, however, quite variable within cortical areas across different cross sections along the cortical ribbon. Only when depth-dependent profiles are considered with respect to their location along the cortical ribbon, task-driven modulations of input-output activity become consistent across participants.

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