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Abstract #0570

A Fourier Approach to bSSFP Debanding with 3 Phase-Cycled Acquisitions

Qing-San Xiang1

1Radiology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The highly efficient balanced Steady-State Free Precession (bSSFP) sequence has many research and clinical applications. However, it has a peculiar sensitivity to magnetic field inhomogeneity, often resulting in artifacts seen as dark bands. Phase-cycling can generate multiple acquisitions in which the banding is spatially shifted, and subsequently reduced by various algorithms. With 4 acquisitions and an elliptical signal model, it is possible to eliminate the banding by solving the system geometrically, algebraically, or in a combined manner for improved SNR. This work reports a Fourier approach that can effectively reduce the banding using only 3 acquisitions.

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