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Abstract #0793

Detecting DISC1 Related Microstructural Abnormalities using Non-Gaussian Diffusion (DKI & NODDI) and QSM: with Histological Validation

Nan-Jie Gong1,2, Russell Dibb3, Kyle Decker3, Mikhail Pletnikov4, Eric Benner3, and Chunlei Liu1,3

1Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, United States, 2Brain Imaging and Analysis Center, Duke University School of Medicine, 3Duke University School of Medicine, 4Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Metrics provided by DKI could be used to detect microstructural changes. However, they bear no explicit neurobiological interpretations. In contrast, the biophysical model of NODDI could provide metrics sensitive to density of neuron. The magnetic susceptibility derived from QSM method can sever as a sensitive biomarker for quantifying density of cells including both neurons and neuroglia.

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