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Abstract #1290

A Hybrid ECG/Self-Navigation Technique

Artan Kaso1, Bernd Juergen Wintersperger1,2, Mariana Lamacie1, and Marshall Stephen Sussman1,2

1Medical Imaging, University Health Network, Toronto, ON, Canada, 2Medical Imaging, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada

In self-navigation, cardiac and respiratory information is extracted from the MR signal. ECG and conventional navigator echoes are not required. Conventional navigators disrupt the steady state and add delays. Thus, self-navigation provides a clear advantage. However, ECG is monitored independently of the MR acquisition. Therefore, eliminating the ECG needlessly throws away information. In this study, a hybrid ECG/self-navigated sequence is developed. ECG is used for cardiac triggering. Self-navigation is used for respiratory compensation, and to provide additional cardiac gating. In 10 healthy volunteers, the ECG/self-navigation sequence provided equivalent image quality and quantitative cardiac metrics as a reference breath-hold scan.

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