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Abstract #1331

B1+ maps intersubject variability study for universal pulses applications in parallel transmission MRI

Morgane Le Garrec1, Vincent Gras1, Michel Luong2, and Nicolas Boulant1

1DRF/I2BM/NeuroSpin, CEA, Gif sur Yvette, France, 2DRF/Irfu/SACM, CEA, Gif sur Yvette, France

Despite its power to mitigate B1+-inhomogeneity, subject-specific tailored parallel transmission (pTx) suffers from a cumbersome workflow involving measurement of field maps as well as online pulse design. Recently however, it was shown that RF inhomogeneity-mitigating (universal) pulses could be found offline to work robustly over a given B1+ maps-database, thus potentially sparing the user the time-consuming calibration. To gain further performance with improved database matching for universal pulses, in this work we investigate with electromagnetic simulations the intersubject B1+ map variability by systematically varying position (in Z and Y), head length and head breadth of a reference head model.

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