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Abstract #1389

Susceptibility-induced local ΔB0 variations are essential for predicting EPI distortions in the breast

Michael J van Rijssel1, Frank Zijlstra1, Peter R Seevinck1, Peter R Luijten1, Dennis W J Klomp1, and Josien P W Pluim1,2

1Center for Image Sciences, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2Department of Biomedical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Applications involving EPI readouts, such as diffusion weighted imaging and functional imaging, are hampered by geometrical distortions caused by static field inhomogeneities (ΔB0). Pixel shift maps can be inferred from ΔB0 maps. Though it is common practice to smooth these maps before calculating pixel shifts, doing so reduces susceptibility-induced local ΔB0 variations. This study investigates the importance of local ΔB0 changes in correctly predicting EPI distortions. Preliminary data obtained from the human breast in-vivo shows that susceptibility-induced changes in ΔB0 are essential in accurately predicting EPI distortions.

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