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Abstract #1668

A novel role of intrinsic astrocytic calcium spikes to mediate brain states through central/dorsal thalamic nuclei

Maosen Wang1,2, Yi He1,2, and Xin Yu1

1Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tuebingen, Germany, 2Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience, International Max Planck Research School, University of Tuebingen, Tuebingen, Germany

The astrocytic Ca2+ signal could be simultaneously acquired with either BOLD-fMRI or LFP signal in the rat cortex under anesthesia. Intrinsic astrocytic Ca2+ bursts spikes were detected in the cortex with suppressed spontaneous LFP and negative BOLD fMRI signal. These astrocytic Ca2+ spike events were different from the normal activity-evoked Ca2+ signal and also differentiate themselves from the lesion/stimulation-induced large-scale depolarization or spreading depression given the instantaneous whole-brain pattern and correlation with the thalamic LFP. The intrinsic astrocytic Ca2+ spike may mediate the brain states through the arousal thalamic pathway.

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