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Abstract #1740

Simulating measurements of diffusion across the cell membrane with DEXSY and FEXSY

James Olav Breen-Norris1,2, Bernard Siow1,2,3, Ben Hipwell1, Ioana Oprea2, Thomas A. Roberts 1, Mark F. Lythgoe1, Andrada Ianus2, Daniel C. Alexander2, and Simon Walker-Samuel1

1Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging, Division of Medicine, UCL, London, United Kingdom, 2Microstructure Imaging Group, Centre for Medical Image Computing, UCL, London, United Kingdom, 3Sir Francis CRICK Institute

Here, we use numerical simulations to demonstrate the feasibility of measuring diffusion exchange across the cell membrane using DEXSY (Diffusion Exchange spectroscopy) and compare it with FEXSY (Filter Exchange Spectroscopy). Simulations were carried out using the CAMINO platform, for a range of permeabilities, in a substrate chosen to model nerve tissue. The results of these simulations suggest that both DEXSY and FEXSY are capable of measuring diffusion exchange, over a physiologically meaningful range of permeabilities, and an extended range of permeabilities (0.365 to 2.008 ┬Ám/s). These results demonstrate the potential for these techniques to be used to differentiate pathology from normal tissue.

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