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Abstract #3018

Feasibility and Reproducibility of Neurochemical Profiling in the Human Hippocampus at 7T

Petr Bednarik1, Ivan Tkac1, James Joers1, Alena Svatkova2, Gulin Oz1, and Dinesh Deelchand1

1Department of Radiology, CMRR, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, United States, 2Department of Pediatrics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, United States

Despite advancements in single-voxel hippocampal 1H MR spectroscopy, low abundant and J-coupled metabolites, which are critically involved in neuro-energetics, memory and excitation/inhibition balance, are still poorly quantified at 3T. Hippocampal 1H MRS at 7T may benefit from higher SNR and better spectral dispersion. Thus, the precision and test-retest reproducibility of quantification achieved at 7T using semi-LASER sequence was compared to the outcome of a similarly designed 3T study. The higher SNR at 7T relative to 3T allowed using smaller voxel for more precise selection of hippocampal gray matter while demonstrating improved quantification of J-coupled and/or low abundant metabolites.

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