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Abstract #3071

Metastatic Liver Cancer Targeted Liposomal Theranostic Prodrug for in vivo Diagnosis and Therapy

Hyun Min Kim1, Hyunseung Lee1, and Kwan Soo Hong1

1Bioimaging Research Team, Korea Basic Science Institute, Cheongju-Si, Korea, Republic of

Reported here is a new theranostic agent, 1, which consists of a Gd3+-texaphyrin core conjugated to a doxorubicin prodrug via a disulfide bond undergoing cleavage in the presence of glutathione, a species typically upregulated in cancer cells. To improve the solubility and tumor targeting of 1, it was loaded into folate receptor-targeted liposomes to produce FL-1. FL-1 was found to selectively produce a greater anti-proliferative effect in the case of the KB and CT26 cell lines as compared to the HepG2 and NIH3T3 cell lines. FL-1 was also found to provide enhanced MR imaging in vivo under conditions of T1 contrast in the early stage of metastatic cancer progression.

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