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Abstract #3840

Snapshot whole-brain T1 mapping using 2D multi-slice variable flip angle spiral imaging with steady-state preparation

Rahel Heule1,2, Josef Pfeuffer3, and Oliver Bieri1,2

1Division of Radiological Physics, Department of Radiology, University of Basel Hospital, Basel, Switzerland, 2Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland, 3Siemens Healthcare, Application Development, Erlangen, Germany

Spiral imaging substantially shortens MR fingerprinting acquisitions to tolerable scan times. Also more traditional “state-of-the-art” parametric mapping techniques can potentially benefit from the speed-up ability of fast spiral trajectories as opposed to Cartesian sampling. Here, a variable flip angle T1 quantification approach based on an interleaved 2D spiral multi-slice spoiled gradient echo sequence is combined with a steady-state preparation scheme. The investigated method offers accurate whole-brain T1 determination at clinically relevant resolution in only half a minute (including the B1 mapping scan in about 40 s) with an acceleration factor of an order of magnitude compared to conventional Cartesian sampling.

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