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Abstract #3951

A Fast Interleaved Bipolar Imaging Method for Fat Quantification

JaeJin Cho1, Hyunseok Seo1, Kinam Kwon1, Seohee So1, Byungjai Kim1, and HyunWook Park1

1Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Daejeon, Korea, Republic of

The fat quantification using the bipolar multi-echo signals has several benefits such as fast imaging time, SNR, resolution, and robust separation. However, the fat quantification using the bipolar multi-echo signals suffers from the bipolar artifacts due to the imperfect gradient. In this abstract, to overcome these problems, fat quantification is independently performed for each polarity of the readout gradient. Because the acquisition of fully sampled data takes too much time, a new interpolation method for interleaved bipolar multi-gradient-echo acquisition is proposed, which uses the low-rankness of entire data. The experiment results show that the proposed method successfully quantifies the correct fat fraction without bipolar artifacts in a short imaging time.

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