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Abstract #4015

Partial Fourier Shells Trajectory with Non-Iterative Homodyne Reconstruction

Shengzhen Tao1, Yunhong Shu1, Joshua D Trzasko1, Paul T Weavers1, Erin M Gray1, John Huston III1, and Matt A Bernstein1

1Radiology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, United States

The 3D Shells trajectory-based MRI acquisition is a non-Cartesian acquisition technique that divides the 3D k-space into a series of concentric shells and samples each one with 3D helical readouts. Using the Shells trajectory, the inner k-space can be efficiently sampled within several interleaves, making it a maximally centric 3D acquisition. Partial Fourier (PF) acquisition is a commonly-used acceleration technique by exploiting the conjugate symmetry of k-space measurement. In this work, we present a new asymmetric 3D Shells trajectory design with PF acceleration to combine the advantages from both techniques, and develop a non-iterative homodyne reconstruction framework for it.

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