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Abstract #4334

Design of an MRI Gradient Field Exposure System for Medical Device Testing

Daniel J Martire1, William B Handler1, Colin M McCurdy1, Justin C Peterson1, and Blaine A Chronik1

1Physics and Astronomy, Western University, London, ON, Canada

A method to design and numerically optimize a gradient field exposure system for testing medical devices is presented. Magnet windings are modelled as small current elements in space, and dimensions of a coil capable of emulating the switching rate and strength of MRI gradient fields are chosen by a grid search of parameter space. A buildable option capable of achieving 1.2% homogeneity over an 8 cm DSV, a slew rate of 246 T/s, and a maximum field shift of 68 mT was determined to be sufficient for our application and for satisfying relevant elements of ISO/TS 10974.

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