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Abstract #5302

Retrospective Independent Component Estimation of Respiratory and Cardiac Artefact Residuals (RICERCAR) in BOLD-fMRI.

Michael Hütel1, Andrew Melbourne1, Dave Thomas1, Jonathan Rohrer1, and Sebastien Ourselin1

1UCL, London, United Kingdom

Variations in the heart and respiration rate have an impact on BOLD-fMRI signal variations. The cardiac cycle causes a pulsatile arterial blood flow which causes slice-specific signal changes resulting in artificial correlations between voxels within the same slice. The introduction of multi-band (MB) EPI acquisitions such as in the Human Connectome Project (HCP) increase such artificial correlations because many slices are acquired at the same slice time. We find physiological-related spatial Independent Components (ICs) and remove their corresponding time courses from BOLD-fMRI scans. Our method RICERCAR outperforms RETROICOR as well as FIX.

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