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Abstract #0810

Efficacy of oral CKD-516 in combination with sorafenib on hepatocellular carcinoma using MRI and optical imaging

Su Jung Ham1, Jeeheon Kang1, Yoonseok Choi2, Keun Ho Ryu3, Soo Jin Kim3, Sang-Tae Kim4, Jinil Kim1, Chul Woong Woo4, Ho-jin Kim1, Jaeim Kwon1, Do-Wan Lee1, Seul-I Lee1, Dong Cheol Woo1, and Kyung Won Kim1

1Radiology, Asan medical Center, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2GangNeung Asan Medical Center, Gangneung, Republic of Korea, 3Chong Kun Dang Research, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 4MR Core Laboratory, Asan medical Center, Seoul, Republic of Korea

We used an oral form of CKD-516 and designed a combination experiment with sorafenib. BLI tumor viability measurement showed CKD-516 was effective in combination with sorafenib, but there was only a slight improvement when treated alone. By MRI, the CKD-516 group showed notable intratumoral hemorrhage and central necrosis from the early stage of treatment. By IHC, CKD-516 was advantageous in collapsing blood vessels in tumor tissue, and was more effective when treated in combination with sorafenib. Therefore, oral CKD-516 was advantageous over sorafenib in terms of vascular disrupting ability, and combination of CKD-516 with sorafenib reduced the rebound phenomenon.

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