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Abstract #1631

Navigated Multi-shot Diffusion-Weighted Imaging with Multiplexed Sensitivity Encoding

Valentina Taviani1, Ann Shimakawa1, Lloyd Estkowski1, Arnaud Guidon2, Ersin Bayram3, and Robert Peters4

1Global MR Applications and Workflow, GE Healthcare, Menlo Park, CA, United States, 2Global MR Applications and Workflow, GE Healthcare, Boston, MA, United States, 3Global MR Applications and Workflow, GE Healthcare, Houston, TX, United States, 4Global MR Applications and Workflow, GE Healthcare, Waukesha, WI, United States

MUltiplexed Sensitivity Encoding (MUSE) has been successfully used to correct for motion-induced phase errors in multi-shot diffusion-weighted imaging. However, this technique relies heavily on parallel imaging (PI) and can result in residual aliasing and excessive noise amplification when the number of shots is similar to the number of receiver coil elements. We propose a navigated multi-shot approach with multiplexed sensitivity encoding to handle cases where the coil geometry would otherwise limit the maximum number of interleaves. We show that both PI and 2D-selective excitation pulses can be used to reduce the scan duration, while maintaining similar levels of distortion.

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