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Using Noise Waves for Simulation and Measurement of Array SNR Penalty due to Passive Impedance Match

Arne Reykowski1, Christian Findeklee2, Paul Redder1, Tracy Wynn1, Tim Ortiz1, Randy Duensing2, and Scott B King1

1Invivo Corporation, Gainesville, FL, United States, 2Philips Research, Hamburg, Germany

Active impedance matching versus passive impedance matching of array coils is a concept well understood when designing transmit arrays. Lesser known however is that this concept also applies to receive arrays. Even though it appears that preamplifiers are noise matched to the passive port impedance (usually 50 Ohms), preamplifier noise coupling creates active noise match impedances which are mode dependent. In this context, a mode is defined by a signal vector and the corresponding weighting factors for optimum combined SNR. We use coupled noise waves to explain by simple concepts how the weighted and combined coupled noise changes the active noise match impedance.

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