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Optoelectronical-based multiplexed transmission of analog signals in a magnetic environment.

Christophe Vilmen1, Louis Bortoli1,2, Evan Gallouin1,3, Maxime Guye1,4, Monique Bernard1, David Bendahan1, and Alexandre Fouré1

1Aix-Marseille Univ, CNRS, CRMBM, Marseille, France, 2Aix-Marseille Univ, Polytech° Marseille, Ecole d'ingénieurs, Marseille, France, 3ESTIA Ecole supérieure des technologies industrielles avancées, Bidart, France, 4APHM, Hôpital Universitaire Timone, CEMEREM, Marseille, France

This study describes the methodological developments to both convert and transmit several mechanical signals in a magnetic environment (3T Verio Siemens) as optical signals. Multiple sensors were connected to a MR-compatible ergometer used to assess dynamic knee extensions kinetics. The corresponding signals were analog to digital converted and transmitted as optical signals through a single optical fiber. The quality of mechanical and 31P MR spectroscopy (31P-MRS) signals remained high and disclosed no adverse interference from the transducers ensuring both conversion and transmission. The multiplexed signals transmission allowed an accurate assessment of human movement kinetics in a magnetic environment.

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